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Kediri is a name of a town. It is situated in avalley between the Kelud and Wilis mountains and inhabited by about 1.3 million people. In the  center of the town there is a large hill which is called the Dathok mountain. Because of the topography of the region, Kediri is called a chily town by the locals. There is a big river called Brantas cutting off the centerof the town.
         Besides temples, Kediri is also famous for its products like cigarettes and a special kind of tofu or bean curd. This highly nutritious food is a delicacy of Kediri and has a distinctive taste. The cigarette factory dominates the town’s economy and employs the majority of the women labor force. Kediri and the cigarette factory are inseparable and it is considered the biggest cigarette factory in Indonesia. Most of the local people work in this factory. Those who do not work here are farmers or traders.

1.What does the above text tell us about?
a.The history of Kediri
b.The famous products of Kediri
c. The description of Kediri
d. The people of Kediri

2.“Those who do not work here….”(Last sentence)
      The underlined word refers to….
     a.the local people
     b.the factory workers
     c.the farmers
     d.the traders 

My best friend
I have a special friend. She is my classmate and sits besides me. Her name is Rohmi. Rohmi is a quite girl and very simple on the look. However, I really adore her. She is not only kind but also tough.
          Rohmi comes from a very simple family. Her father is a pedicab driver and her mother has passed away. She has a younger brother. His name is Rahmat. In order to help their father, Rohmi and her brother work part-time to earn some money. Rohmi sells food during our class break, while her brother sells newpapers and magazines after school.
One thing that I always admire about her is that she can manage her time well, and she always looks cheerful.
3. What does the second paragraph tell you about?
a. Rohmi and her family
b. Rohmi and her father
c. Rohmi and her brother
d. Rohmi and her friends
4.”…Rohmi and her brother work part-time to earn some money.”
What do the underlined words mean?
a. work for the whole of working week
b. work for only part of each day or week
c. work for the purpose of getting money as much as possible
d. work for family
5. Where did the writer sit ?
a. in front of Rohmi
b. behind Rohmi
c. next to Rohmi
d. far from Rohmi
My Unique Pets
I’m used to having pets at home because my family is pet lovers. I have kept two turtles since February 2003. I put them all in one tank in my room.
The name of the male turtle is Donatello and the female one is called Rafael It is quite easy to keep them. They can survive  without  food for about two months. However, they need a comfortable place to live. They have to live with imported soil and plants, good water circulation and a piece of dry trunk in the aquarium. Inadequate conditions can cause not only stess but also affect their growth. The worst thing is they may even end in their death!
   The weapon of an adult turtle lies in its edge of the shell. He will use this weapon when he is disturbed while he is taking a nap.
6.Why is it dangerous to touch the edge of the turtle’s shell when he is having his nap?
a. because the turtle might infect you with a certain disease
b. because it is the location of a turtle’s weapon
c. because it can cause stress to the turtle
d. because it will kill the turtle
7. “Inadequate conditions can cause not only stress but also affect their growth.” (paragraph 2)
The underlined word can be best replaced by …  
a. insufficient
b. indiscipline
c. ineffective
d. inedible
8. What is the purpose of the text above ?
a. To tell the readers that the writer’s family is pet lovers
b. To describe the writer’s turtles to the readers
c. To persuade the readers to keep turtles as a pet
d. To show the advantages of keeping turtles

The Terrifying Headmaster
      Mr.Tucker is the headmaster of my school. He does not wear glasses. His eyes always frighten me even when I refuse to face them. They are sharp, hard, and cold, and he uses them like a whip.
        He always washes his hands in an enamel basin in the corner of the room. After he has washed them, he will walk over to his desk and stand behind is looking at the pupils while he dries his hands on a small, white towel. He dries each finger separetely, beginning with the first finger. His  fingers are long and white. He rubs them briskly without losing the effect of deliberation and as he rubs them, he looks at us with his eyes.
       No one moves while he dries his hands, no one speaks. When he finishes, he will fold the towel and put it in the desk drawer. Then, he will awkwardly smile at us.
      He really terrifies me.
9. What is the purpose of the text?
       a. to terrify the readers
       b. to decribe the writer’s headmaster
       c. to promote the writer’s headmaster career
       d. to inform the readers about a terrifying school
10. Where does Mr. Tucker usually wash his hands?
       a. corner of the room
       b. in front of the room
       c. beside of the room
       d. behind of the room

11. “He dries each finger separately….”
       The underlined word has similar meaning to…
       a. wash     
       b. fold
       c. divide
       d. corner
I have a pet. It is a dog and I call it Brownie.
Brownie is a Chinese breed. It is small, fluffy, and cute. It has got thick brown fur. When I cuddle it, the fur feels soft. Brownie does not like bones. Every day it eats soft food like steamed rice, fish or bread. Every morning I give her milk and bread. When I am at school, Brownie plays with my cat. They get along well, and never fight maybe because Brownies does not bark a lot. It treats the other animals in our house gently, and it never eats shoes. Brownie is really a sweet and friendly animal.

12.    Why do the cat and brownie get along well? because …
a.       Brownie doesn’t like bones
b.       the cat is a Chinese breed
c.        the cat small, fluffy and cute
d.       brownie does not bark a lot
e.        brownie does not sleep a lot

13.    What is the main idea of the paragraph 2 ?
  1. Chinese breed dogs only eat soft food
  2. brownie my pet dog is a Chinese breed
  3. a Chinese breed dog does not bark a lot
  4. Brownie which is a Chinese is a sweet and friendly
  5. brownie can not get along with other animals because he seldom barks

14.    What does the cat do when the writer is in school ?
  1. it plays with the writers cat
  2. it sleeps all day
  3. it barks with writers cat
  4. it east soft food fish or bread
  5. it cooks some food with the writer

Peter is the youngest in our family. He is fourteen years old and four years younger than me. He has long, straight hair, bright eyes and a friendly smile. Sometimes he is rather naughty at home, but he usually does what he is asked to do.
Peter is interested in sports very much, and at school, he plays football and tennis. He is the best badminton player in our family.
15.      How old is Peter? He is … years old.
a.       Four
b.      Fourteen
c.       Forty
d.      Ten

16.      The writer is … years old.
a.       Fourteen
b.      Sixteen
c.       Eighteen
d.      Nineteen

17.      Which of the following statement is not true about Peter?
a.       He has long and straight hair.
b.      He has bright eyes.
c.       He is interested in sports.
d.      He plays football and tennis.

18.      According to the passage, we know that Peter is ….
a.       The writer’s youngest brother
b.       The writer’s elder brother
c.       A naughty boy
d.      A friendly boy

19.      It is implied in the passage that ….
a.       Peter is naughty.
b.      Peter is lazy.
c.       Peter is unfriendly.
d.      Peter is diligent.

20.      From the text, we may conclude that….
a.       Many people do not like Peter.
b.      People is older that the writer.
c.       Peter is a welcoming person.
d.      Peter is not diligent at all.

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