Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Me and my friends went to school Fantasy World (Dufan), Jakarta. We left from Bandung at 06:00. There are more than 20 people in the bus.
On the way, we sang along but others also have different activities some people just sleeping and listening to music.
We arrived at Atlantis, At 09:00. In Atlantis me and my friends to swim together, we play water games such as sliding fun there. We swam until 11:00. Off we went to Dufan. We arrived at 00:00.
Before we play, we went to Mcdonald for lunch. After lunch,me and my friends play rajawali.thas is so scary. Next I play kora-kora, then I play roller coaster, and ice age.after quite content to play in dufan, me and my friends to return to Bandung.


Lapangan Bali
19 September 2015
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Tea gardens
  The tea garden is one of the tourist destinations, because the tea garden offers a range of facilities and many different kinds of tea makanan.Kebun is perfect for refreshing the mind, besides the beautiful environment and the cool, tea gardens have temperatures cold enough, so it really makes the visitors fascinated by the natural beauty of this tea garden.
The tea garden is located in Subang district, not far from the valley district, the tea garden is located very close to the '' Tanjakan Emen ''. Indeed, the area is prone to accidents, if we want to visit the tea garden, then we need to be careful.
Beauty tea garden is still maintained, the tea garden is also used by local people for selling food such as roasted corn, roasted coconut, etc.

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Edward   ; Hi,how are you?
Marcell   ; I'm fine,and you?
Edward   ; fine to,anwway after graduation where you will continue your school?
Marcell   ; I will continue to UNPAR,how with you?
Edward   ; I will continue to STAN.
Marcell   ; woww..that's sound good,i wish you receive in STAN.
Edward   ; Thank's Marcell,I also wish you to receive  in UNPAR.
Marcell   ; Thank's Edward,and what will you do?
Edward   ; Now,I will go to Jalak Harupat Stadium
Marcell   ; Be carefull Edward
Edward   ; Oke thanks..bye
Marcell   ; bye

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

It's Me and I Believe I Can

Hi!How are you?my name is Edoardo Deonanda Yobellio,you can call me Edward.I was born in Bandung,04th of October 1999,and i grew up in bandung,therefore of course i really love Bandung and I love her *hmmmmmmm..I come from Saint Joseph Junior High School Bandung,and now im school in Sman 3 Bandung.

I have 1 sibling,his name is Alexander Deonanda Putra,his school in Universitas Parahyangan and his took Civil Engineering majored.He was born in Bandung,03th of May 1995.

My father always teach me how to celebrate life,hardwork,and remove depedency to others.his always supported me,and i feel blessed to have a father like him and of course im proud of.

My mother?strong woman in my life,her always motivates me to be good people and have a better future.

And i have principle in my life ''Sikapmu hari ini,cermin masa depanmu'',therefore,im trying to be better day by day.Thanks.